Insulation For Homes in the Okanagan Valley

Insulation is an investment in your home and one that will pay for itself in no time. As a homeowner, it can be difficult to know which insulation options are right for you, and which company you should trust with your home.

At People’s Insulation, we value your time and investment, which is why we are dedicated to providing Okanagan homeowners with prompt, efficient, and affordable service. Our established contracting services are designed to meet the needs of business owners, homeowners, and real estate developers. Through a detail-oriented inspection of your property, our team will devise a plan designed to accommodate your lifestyle and budget considerations.

Does my home have insulation problems?

While hiring a company with a thermal imaging camera is the best way to pinpoint heat loss in the home, there are some basic things you can look for to determine whether or not you need our help.

In the winter

  • The floors are cold underfoot
  • Your heating costs are high
  • The temperature in your home isn’t even across all levels
  • Your walls are cold to the touch
  • There are signs of mould on your walls or ceiling

In the summer

  • Your home is uncomfortably hot
  • Your cooling bills are high
  • Your air conditioning system is running very frequently
  • Mould is growing in your basement

What is an R-Value?

When it comes to insulation, there are two numbers that really matter to our homeowners; the r-value and the cost.

R-value is the measurement of thermal resistance and in Canada, the metric equivalent is an RSI value. It tells homeowners and contractors how well a material will protect you from the cold of winter and heat of the Okanagan summer and is typically measured in an R per inch or RSI per metre of material thickness.

When it comes to your home, the higher the r-value the better!

Asbestos Concerns

If your home was built prior to 1990, there is a good chance that the insulation contains minerals that are more commonly known as asbestos. At one point, asbestos was very common and valued for its strength, fire resistance, and its long lifespan. Unfortunately, breathing in asbestos can cause cancer.

So long as the asbestos in your insulation is sealed behind walls and left undisturbed, it shouldn’t pose a risk to your family. If you are considering a renovation in your older home or would like to increase or update the existing insulation, you will want to exercise caution and be sure that you are hiring an experienced team.

At Peoples Insulation, we will work with industry leaders in asbestos removal to ensure that your family’s health isn’t compromised during your renovation. Once the old insulation has been removed, our team can get to work creating a more comfortable home for your family, complete with full drywall installation.